Discovery of PSN J06161835-2122329

From images taken on 2013 March 01.66 with the Zadko 1 meter telescope (Gingin observatory, Australia) E. Conseil report the discovery of a supernova candidate located at R.A. = 06h16m18.35s, Decl. = -21o22'32.9" (equinox 2000.0), which is offset of 51" W and 11" S from the nucleus of NGC 2207. The image was R filtered and the magnitude was R=14.4.


The presence of the candidate is confirmed on images taken on 2013 Feb. 28.66 (R=14.6) and 2013 Feb. 26.66 (R=15.3) with the same telescope. The candidate is not detected on 2013 Fab. 06.72 (limiting magnitude R~19).

Using NED parameters for the NGC 2207 galaxy, we fit the three Zadko measures on the template provided by the supernova 2012fr. If we asume a Ia type, this is compatible with a supernova which could reach the B max on 2013 March 10.0 (Rmax~13.7) and with an explosion occured at  about 2013 Feb 21.0.

The following image was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. One can see the place of  PSN J06161835-2122329 occupied by a faint object and a sort of nebula: