Discovery of the supernova candidate PSN_J16541584-6153309
This is not a supernova

A. Klotz (IRAP France) used the robotic TAROT telescope at la Silla, Chile to discover PSN_J16541584-6153309. The new object is at coordinates R.A. = 16:54:15.84 Decl. = -61:53:30.9 J2000 and is detected on two individual R filtered images. The PSN is offseted by 27"S 29"W from the nucleus of ESO 138-G006 (=PGC 59234). Photometry 2013 June 17.12 R=16.7. The object is not detected in an archive image taken 2013 June 11.29 (Rlim=19.0).

According to NED, the host galaxy is a dwarf galaxy at DM=34.01 (63 Mpc). If the PSN is an Ia supernova it should culminate at R~15.4 (galactic extinction included ~0.4).

Additional images taken tomorrow the date of the discovery does not confirm the PSN but a faint object R=19.5 seems to remain at the place. The PSN candidate is rather a fast unidentified transient.

Follow-up photometry has been performed using an archive image without the supernova as a substractive mask. Images are R filtered.
The star NOMAD-1 0280-0874530 (253.6267806 -61.9131611 J2000) R=15.39 is choosen as the photometric calibrator.
2013 Jun. 11.29 mag>19.0R.
2013 Jun. 17.12 mag=16.7R.
2013 Jun. 18.17 mag=19.5R.